T.I. Bumps Heads With Domani Harris When Teen Throws a House Party Without Permission

T.I. had to rein in his second-to-oldest son Domani Harris when the teenager threw a party behind his father’s back.

On the Dec. 3 episode of “T.I. & Tiny: Family & Friends Hustle” at mark 18:14, Domani was working on new music and wanted to know how his peers felt about it. He told his friends, “This weekend I’m going to test out the music. … Like a listening party.” Then he spoke about plans of having the party behind his father’s back. “Tip, he been out of town. I’m going to throw a party at the house. I think we should let the world know, except for him.”

At mark 22:45, many of his friends and peers came out to the party, and the house was nearly packed with people. He played his music and they seemed to like it. Everything was going well until his father unexpectedly arrived and demanded that the party be over. “Look at all these damn people. Get these people out my house,” T.I. said.

Domani then had to ask his friends to leave, “We got to go. Thanks for coming out.”

T.I. then had to have a talk with his 17-year-old son about throwing a party without permission. “You cannot treat this [house] like it is yours. That’s what you do with your own space. If you do what you want in my house you have no motivation to get up out of my house into your own house.”

In a confessional, T.I. let the viewers know about the real punishment. “See, although I didn’t kill him, what he didn’t know is, I had a brand-new car waiting on him next week. And guess what, he didn’t get it,” the rapper said, laughing. “And he ain’t gon’ find out till right now.”


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