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Lauryn Hill Receives Praise From Fans For ‘Only’ Being 20 Minutes Late To Show

It seems that a lot of people have all but given up on Lauryn Hill.

Not in her ability to still crank out a solid show or deliver a strong vocal performance, but in the likelihood that she’ll actually show up to one of her concerts on time.

Lauryn Hill praised for being only 20 minutes late to her concert


Maybe that’s why folks were so pleased when the singer only showed up 20 minutes late to her London show, as opposed to the two hour late arrival her fans in France and Belgium had to endure.

Lauryn is currently in Europe celebrating the 20th anniversary of her album “The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill,” and the London publication The Independent wrote about the singer almost being punctual.

“‘She’s on time. A ripple of excitement has just gone through the O2 Arena. The lights have dimmed, and Lauryn Hill is as about as on time as she’ll ever be, just 20 minutes late,” wrote journalist Rosie O’Connor. “

Others spoke about Lauryn’s 20-minute late arrival as well and said for her it isn’t too shabby. There was also one person that believes the singer’s lateness is all part of her game plan to lower expectations.

“Sometimes it’s good to set the bar low so when you do, the least people will be grateful,” wrote someone brilliantly named Scammy Davis Jr.

Last month, the “Ex-Factor” creator issued an apology to her Brussel and Parisian fans and said moving the band overseas has been challenging.

“Dear Brussels and Paris, we apologize for the late start,” Lauryn wrote in a statement. “We’re working through kinks of moving the production to Europe. With time changes and curfew restrictions, we’ve had a few challenges in these early shows.”

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