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Bam!: Bambi Benson Knocks Out Fans with Pic of Baby Breland Richardson

Bambi Benson posted her baby boy Breland Richardson, and fans couldn’t get enough of the precious infant.

Breland Benson

Benson shared a cute photo with baby Breland in an adorable onesie that read, “Don’t mess with me, my mom is Bam!” The infant is seen in the photo sitting in a baby support pillow with cute jungle animals design.

Benson posted the image to her Instagram on Tuesday. In the caption of the photo she agrees with the phrase on her baby’s onesie and jokingly pretends that those are Richardson’s words. “Don’t mess with me, my mom is Bam! Tell em @brelandrichardson we love this onesie.”

The fans could not get enough of baby Breland’s cuteness overload.

“Sooo cute”

“Awww him so handsome”

“Omg so adorable”

“He’s your twin and freaking adorable”

“Too cute look just like his daddy”

“Aww he is sooo adorable and I love the onsie God bless you all.”

“Aww such a cutie!! Looking like you Bam”

In the comments the fans compared Breland to many different family members. The debate on who the baby actually looks like is something the fans have had for a while.

When the couple released one of the first photos of the infant, fans began discussing who the child resembles. In October, Lil Scrappy shared a photo of him holding his son and smiling at him.

The fans left comments under the photo like, “Mama’s twin lol… Thats baby Bam Bam all day!” and “He looks like his beautiful mommy! Congrats to you both!!”

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