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T.I. Catches Heat After Tiny Harris’ Hair Catches Fire: ‘I Feel So Bad’

Tiny Harris gets into a dangerous situation when her hair catches fire during T.I.’s birthday celebrations. Fans, however, dragged T.I. for his reaction to his wife’s danger.

On the Dec. 3 episode of “T.I. & Tiny: Family & Friends Hustle“, Tiny planned a lit birthday celebration for her husband. The singer, her husband and their children were gathering for a photo by the birthday cake when her hair catches fire.

The fire was moving up the shaft of Tiny’s hair as she held her baby Heiress Harris. T.I. put his arms around her for the picture when he noticed the flames. He initially jumped back and then starts to pat the flames. A bystander pushed T.I. out of the way to forcefully beat out the flames.

T.I. then jokingly yells, “I told yall she had the devil in her. Hell done finally caught up with her a**.”

The fans were not here for T.I.’s slow response to help Tiny.

“Lmfaoo T.I. face when he felt the heat.”

“Damn tip didn’t even attempt to try to help her”

“instead of helping her and making sure she was straight, this nigga got talk about demons and hell catching up with her.”

“If anybody was wondering if TI gave two fucks about tiny… here it goes. I feel so bad for tiny.”

Although the party became a little dangerous, T.I. was still grateful for Tiny planning out a party for his special day. “All jokes aside, I really do appreciate putting the time and attention into planning this birthday party for me.”

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