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Mariah Huq Blasts Fan Who Claims She Had Something to Do with Toya Bush-Harris Voting Quad Webb-Lunceford Out of Couples’ Trips

Saturday night’s “Married to Medicine” saw the ladies reconvening after their visit to Antigua and Toya Bush-Harris is hoping all couples trips going forward won’t include soon-to-be divorced Quad Webb-Lunceford.

Bush-Harris made the recommendation during the Dec. 2 episode saying her husband, Dr. Eugene Harris, believes it’s unfair that Miss Quad’s estranged spouse, Dr. Greg Lunceford, was not in attendance.

“I think that the couples trip should remain couples,” she says.

“People are in the middle of a divorce and you gon’ choose to bring my husband anyway because that’s what you feel like doing,” Webb-Lunceford says. “Isn’t that interesting.”

“There will be no more couples trips with single people,” Bush-Harris declares after some crosstalk from Mariah Huq. “‘Cause it’s unacceptable.”

When questioned, Bush-Harris said in a confessional scene that there were enough issues with husbands having a “wandering eye.”

“Baby, lemme tell you something,” Webb-Lunceford tells her. “I’m going to be around on couples trips whether I’m with someone or without. Because I got s— to learn from everyone here.”

Fans who watched the episode were confused by Bush-Harris’ recommendation.

“So Toya doesn’t want Quad around then bc she’s almost single 🤔💭 Toya, 👋🏾 🙄 #Married2Med.”

“Wait Toya’s really attacking Quad about being on the couples trip after she was INVITED 😒 #Married2Med.”

“#married2med Why is Toya trying to make Quad an outcast? How could you do that to your friend?”

And one, in particular, had her suspicions raised that Bush-Harris didn’t want Miss Quad booted from excursions of her own volition. Rather, she thought Huq had something to do with it.

“I’m sure @toyabushharris it started out just as a convo about the trip and some how @iluvmariah got you on board to vote @AbsolutelyQuad out cause y’all voted her out a few seasons ago how am I doing so far about the convo she using you sis stay woke #Married2Med,” tweeted shu313.

Toya Bush-Harris

The comment caught Huq’s attention, who made it clear she had nothing to do with her castmate’s suggestion.

“Toya has her own damn brain & opinions it’s an insult to think otherwise.. who cares about uncounted votes from seasons ago. Lol I know you want to some way some how transfer the blame to me, but you can’t this time 😶,” Huq said.

“No I can and you care like I said I see you they may not but I do the looks on your face you hate that @AbsolutelyQuad is getting them checks living her best life cause you tried to act like you was the queen and without you bitches fall but she passed you oh ya mad #Married2Med,” @shu313 replied.

Toya Bush-Harris

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