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‘He’s Only 7’: Social Media Blasts Juelz Santana for Telling Son He Has to be the ‘Man of the House’

Rapper Juelz Santana caught a lot of flack this week after telling his son to seemingly take on adult responsibilities in the midst of his prison sentence.

Santana recently opened up to viewers during Monday night’s episode of “Love and Hip Hop” that he could be facing a lot of time behind bars. In August, the New York rapper was charged with carrying a firearm on an aircraft. Police found a gun inside of his bag at the airport and Santana said he “casually just walked out” because he knew he had an outstanding warrant in Jersey. He thought the situation would end up in a fine, but he’s looking at a few years in the slammer if he loses the trial.

Juelz Santana

(photo credit: @thejuelzsantana/(L) Juelz and daughter and (R) Kimbella and son

The “There It Go” artist also expressed that he didn’t want to be away from his kids for a long time. He’s been forced to stay with his mom while on house arrest because he and his long-time lover Kimbella Vanderhee weren’t married. During the latest “LHH” scene, Santana told his 7-year-old son that it was his duty to be “the man of the house” since he wasn’t at home with the family.

“You gotta make sure you take care mommy and your sister. You the man of the house. You gotta hold it down boy,” the Dipset rapper told his son.

“LHH” viewers were outraged at Santana for putting adult burdens on a 7-year-old child due to his illegal actions.

“Wish these dudes would stop forcing their sons to be the “man of the house” because they do dumb stuff that sends them to jail 🤦🏾‍♀️.”

“Who tells a 7 yr old that he’s the man of the house?? That’s not okay.”

“Man I hate when people put their burdens on their kids. “You’re the man of the house” and the kid is like fuckin 7. Man bye. If only YOU can be the man of the house. 🤦🏾‍♀️.”

“Why in hell would you tell a 7 year old kid that he is the man of the house😤 ? That is a burden that he doesn’t need right nkw. Let him be a damn kid.”

“I’m so sick of hearing these men tell a 7 year old he’s the man of the house. No he ain’t he’s a kid let him be a kid and enjoy his childhood 🙄 . Ain’t that baby fault you were popping pills, whilst packing a pistol skippn through tsa!”

As of now Santana is still awaiting his prison sentence and faces up to 10 years if convicted.

Check out the video below at 29:20:

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