Evelyn Lozada Accuses Dog Breeder of Scam After Buying Maltipoos That Became Severely Sick

Evelyn Lozada is accusing a dog breeder of scamming her in the purchase of two designer dogs after the pups wound up deathly ill.

The “Basketball Wives” star wants an investigation launched into Jezriel Kenney, who was selling two Maltipoo puppies online, according to The Blast. The Tuesday, Dec. 4 report noted the reality TV star bought the dogs from Kenney on Nov. 24 for her 4-year-old son, Leo. Kenney delivered the pups to Lozada’s doorstep and it’s allegedly been downhill from there.

Evelyn Lozada

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The Maltese and miniature poodle mixes are said to have been notably sluggish and incontinent. The pups were taken to the veterinarian, where the doctor found the pets needed immediate treatment for parasites. They have had multiple vet visits this week alone.

And it’s not just their health that Kenney apparently deceived Lozada about. After the single mom gave the animals a bath, she discovered they were actually white dogs that were dyed brown. Lozada is reported to have contacted Kenney to complain but she is said to be denying culpability and is resisting assisting with costs related to the Maltipoos’ care.

Apparently, Kenney’s father, Rick Kenney, also has an unreputable history with selling pets. Rick was arrested following a probe by the Humane Society of San Bernardino Valley when they got complaints of him putting up ill puppies for sale online. When the animal protection agency searched Rick’s house, they discovered more than 12 sick pets.

Similarly, Trina Kenney, who is the breeder’s mother, has been connected to selling sick animals too. She was sentenced to two years in prison upon being convicted of selling ill horses.

Lozada is now in the process of getting in touch with a detective to look further into the situation as she’s worried other families could become victims of holiday scams.

She wrote on Instagram Tuesday, Dec. 4 that “the sole purpose of this post is to put an end to the scam organization ran by the Kenney family, who deliberately and intentionally cause harm to animals to make money off them.”

Lozada added the Kenneys post listings for pets on Craigslist and Recycle.com “and possibly other sites that we are unaware of.”

She also put a call out to fans on her Instagram Story urging them to call the local animal control to rescue others entangled in the alleged puppy mill.

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Fans sounded off in the star’s Instagram comments expressing sorrow for the dogs but also bashing Lozada for going to a breeder instead of adopting from an animal shelter.

“So sad.😥😥😥😥 Poor puppy.”

“Omg this is so sad😔”


“I love dogs..😥 These people need to be in jail.”

“That’s why you adopt and don’t shop. If y’all stop buying expensive dogs breeders will stop breeding them. Simple.”

“Adopt don’t shop…stop supporting breeders.”


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