‘You Should Model:’ Joseline Hernandez’s New Photos Surprise Fans

Joseline Hernandez recently posted a series of “drop dead gorgeous” photos that had fans saying she should do away with the music and start a modeling career.

The “Puerto Rican Princess” blew fans away with pictures of a photo shoot she took some time last week. In one of the images, Hernandez sported a navy blue Fedora, with a black blazer and fitted wide-leg pants. She posed fiercely in the photo with her left hand covering her exposed breast in the photo.

Hernandez was dripping in jewelry all while flossing for the gram and captioned the image with a heart emoji.

Joseline Hernandez

photo credit: @joseline

Folks fawned over Hernandez’s image and told her to consider a modeling career instead of rapping.

“Joseline you should be a model 😍.”

“Ooooh kill em 🔥! Stick to this as a career sis NOT Rappin or Singing I love you but this is your lane.”

“This pic is everything you look like a model girl! Maybe fashion tutorials. Or celebrity fashion. But you are extremely talented! Invest in YOU baby. I love you!”

“OMG this pic gangster and queen all in the same effortlessly stunning.”

“Maybe you should think about modeling and not music. You got the look for it.”

“Joseline you should be a model😍 .”

“The baddest puta out there!”

It’s no secret that people aren’t the biggest fans of Hernandez’s music. She recently dropped her new single “Finger Fuck a Check” in November and fans weren’t too impressed to say the least.

One fan wrote, “Joseline, you are beautiful, have a quick wit, I respect your grind,” another user agreed. “But I really think your time should be focused on something else, like a scripted comedy sitcom, model. Seriously anything besides rap! 😟”

Another added, “You’re never in-tuned with the beat! It’s too frustrating to listen to you.”

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