T.I. Defends Living Separately from Wife Tiny: ‘It Works for Us’


T.I. and his wife Tiny Harris have presented to their fans that they are back on the right track in their marriage. They continue to live apart, however, and T.I. explained why recently.

On the Dec. 3 episode of “T.I. & Tiny: Family & Friends Hustle,” Tiny talked to her husband about throwing him a party for his upcoming birthday. Then in a confessional the rapper brings up the fact that he and his wife are still not living in the same house. At the 33:30 mark, T.I said, “The Harris household is rather complicated.” He continued, “Yes we’re married, yes we’re on good terms, no we don’t sleep in the same house necessarily.

T.I. then explains why the couple have decided to live apart. “I think our personalities are too big to fit under one roof. It might not work for nobody else, but it work for us. That’s why we deserve each other.”

Despite the two of them not sharing one home, Tiny still made it important to celebrate her man and throw him a party. “All jokes aside, I really do appreciate putting the time and attention into planning this birthday party for me,” T.I. said. He continued, “I will say, I’m glad she took the time out to plan it. That’s dope.”

The couple were once not on speaking terms after a video leaked of T.I. groping Greenleaf actress Asia’H Epperson’s butt last June. Since the incident the couple began to rekindle their relationship. Tiny has even flown all the way to South Africa — twice — to support her husband during the filming of his upcoming movie, “Monster Hunter.”

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