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Sheree Whitfield Exults over Receiving Honorary Doctorate, Fans Seem Puzzled About What Degree Means

Sheree Whitfield added another degree under her belt when she received her honorary Doctorate of Humane Letters from Trinity International University of Ambassadors in Flowery Branch, Ga.

Sheree Whitfield

Whitfield was overjoyed at the honor from the small Bible college in metro Atlanta, but her fans, on the other hand, seemed confused about the degree.

On Sunday, she shared photos of her special day on Instagram. She posed in cap and gown with her degree in hand.

Under her photos, Whitfield expressed her gratitude. “Such an amazing and humbling day today receiving an Honorary Doctorate of Humane Letters!!” She continued, “Feeling so blessed and favored! I met so many wonderful people who are doing outstanding things…congrats and keep up the great work to them! I will continue to put in the work and I have so much more to do that  I’m excited about ….. I can’t wait to share with u guys soon!”

The fans began discussing what a honorary Doctorate of Humane Letters means.

“I was today years old when I learned what Doctorate of Humane Letter”

“No shade … but you are not a doctor…”

“Whats humane letters?”

“Is this even a major?”

Some haters bashed the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star for touting what they believe is not a “real degree.”

“honorary degrees are not real degrees; in other words, being awarded an honorary degree is not the same as earning an actual degree.”

Whitfield joins a long list of celebrities with honorary degrees, including rapper LL Cool J, who was honored for his accomplishments in music with an honorary doctorate from Northeastern University on the same day that his daughter Italia Smith graduated from the Boston school in 2014.

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