Evelyn Lozada’s Near-Nip Slip Doesn’t Quite Look Like an Accident


Evelyn Lozada recently gave fans a peek at her ample bosom that led to an interesting exchange.

The “Basketball Wives” star is no stranger to showing off her body, and her Dec. 2 Instagram photo where she bared the side of her breast was no exception.

evelyn lozada

“2 kids…where?😜” Lozada captioned the Sunday photo of her rocking huge sunglasses and a high-waisted one-piece bathing suit by Kendall + Kylie.

“Side boob action is givin’ me life also!!!” one fan said.

“@keondra Love side boob 😍😘” Lozada replied, indicating she may have purposely worn a slightly small swimsuit and raised her arm to show off her cleavage.

Other commenters also got life from the star’s sexy style.

“Lawd😍 let me get myself to the gym today! Lol”

“You look younger EVERY TIME I see yo SEXY BUTT.. Love you Evelyn 🌷🌷🌷”

“Fountain of youth👅👅👅”

“I legit thru out my mashed potatoes. Thanks Eve😂😥 You’re so dope. Squatting as I type😥😂”

“Damn I see why Nicki chose you!”

Last week, Lozada and her daughter, Shaniece Hairston, got to show off their figures as the featured ladies in Nicki Minaj’s “Good Form” music video.

Much like fans did over the weekend, they were just as excited to see that Lozada was going to appear in the clip, where she strutted toward the camera in slow motion and wore lacy lingerie.

“So bomb.”


“This music video is everything 🔥🔥🔥 @nickiminaj.”

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