‘Black Ink Crew’ Ceaser’s ‘Friend’ Post Goes All the Way Left After Big Blowup with Sky

Black Ink Crew” viewers slammed Ceaser Emanuel this week for sharing an Instagram post about friendship after firing his right-hand employee Sky Days.

Emanuel and Days engulfed into an explosive confrontation on the latest episode of the VH1 series after the shop owner discovered Days opened her fashion boutique in Miami, Florida against his wishes. Days declared Emanuel “a hater” moments before he told her to “go ahead and do ya thang. … you f**king fired!”

“Get your f**king ass up and see how that f**king shop gonna run! Be your own boss!” Emanuel shouted. “Peace and blessing yo. You lying ass b**ch!”

Emanuel later took to Instagram and posted a cryptic message on keeping “real” friends in his circle. The image read, “Never forget 3 types of people in your life: 1. Who helped you in your difficult times. … 2. Who left you in your difficult times. … 3. Who put you in difficult times.” He added, “Good morning 💯 #ceaserblackink.”

Ceaser Emanuel

(@ceaserblackink Instagram)

Fans called Emanuel a “hypocrite” for posting about genuine friends when he fired his long-standing friend Days.

“Yeah Ceaser you should actually take a look at this. What you did to Sky was messed up 🤨.”

“What a hypocrite! Stop firing all you workers Sky one of my favorites has the right to open her own business i thought you would be proud of her.”

“You post this but damn you fire her? You don’t control her life you owe her a sincere apology and a good brother would support her 😠.”

“It’s crazy how you can post this when Sky has been you day 1 homie. You trippin like a mf brah!”

Emanuel also received a lot of backlash after calling several of his female employees a “bi**ch” on “Black Ink.”

One fan wrote, “As much as I totally enjoy the #BlackInkCrew on #VH1 but I will stop watching. Ceaser has gotten really disrespectful he calls his employees/friends/family members bitches way too often 🤷🏽‍♂️.”

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