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‘Black Ink’ Viewers Have Had Enough of Ceaser Emanuel Calling His Female Employees ‘B-tches’

The Internet is becoming fed up with Ceaser Emanuel‘s “rude” mannerisms towards his female staffers on “Black Ink Crew.”

The tattoo shop owner calls at least one his employees a “bitch” every season on the reality show. In the latest episode of the VH1 series, Emanuel fired his ride-or-die employee Sky Days for opening a boutique up behind his back and called her an “ungrateful bitch” while doing so.

During a heated argument with his brand ambassador Miss Kitty over tattoo artist Donna Lombardi‘s firing, Emanuel demanded she and Lombardi leave his shop. Minutes before kicking them out of “Black Ink” he yelled, “Both of you bitches can get out!”

Ceaser Emanuel

(photo credit: Instagram)

Nevertheless, folks are growing increasingly tired of the shop owner constantly disrespecting his female employees and calling them out of their names. One fan even threatened to stop watching the VH1 show, if Emanuel continues to call women “bitches.”

“I’m surprised none of these women haven’t slapped him in his mouth,” said one Twitter user. ” I’m tired of hearing him calling women bitches; like he doesn’t have a daughter 😒 #BlackInkCrew

“Ceasar gotta stop calling the women of his shop bitches,” another added.

“As much as I totally enjoy the #BlackInkCrew on #VH1 but I will stop watching. Ceaser has gotten really disrespectful he calls his employees/friends/family members bitches way too often 🤷🏽‍♂️.”

“What’s up with him calling the ladies “Bitches”… Dude losing Hella Respect!”

“Cease has called ALL his female staff members bitches & they just be standin’ there like he ain’t say that shit.”

“Cease mouth just so disrespectful. Why are u calling her a bitch 😒 ? If i was skye i wouldn’t even go to black ink until he learns how to respect a female because he clearly doesn’t.”

Emanuel recently posted a video of he and Days on his Instagram to let fans know that they’re still on good terms despite their explosive argument. He wrote, “Y’all know my sister @flyyytattedsky always go all out.”

Watch Emanuel’s explosive argument with Days:

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