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T.I. and Tiny Harris’ Baby Girl Heiress Has Fans Cracking up As She Scolds Big Brother King

Tiny Harris recorded her daughter Heiress Harris arguing with her big brother King Harris over who is the oldest. Fans could not get over how well the 2-year-old can speak.

On Thursday, Harris shared three videos of Heiress yelling at her big brother. In the first video, King said, “How old are you?” Heiress replied, “2.” King then said, “I’m 14.” Heiress then became angry and started to growl.

In the second video, Heiress explained her birth. “I was in mommy’s stomach. And I love mommy!” She ran to her mother and hugged her and Tiny told her daughter, “Mommy loves you too.”

In the third video Tiny asked her daughter, “Were you first?” and Heiress replied, “Yea!” Tiny then told her the truth and said, “No your brother [King] was first.” She was hurt by her mother’s confirmation and she started to cry.

Fans loved how the 2-year-old was able to express herself.

“Hold on Heiress is only 2, she’s so advanced for sure.”

“I think what I love most is how well articulated all of your babies are. You & Tip don’t play when it comes to education and yall dont get enough credit for that.”

“She is everything and speaks so well for a 2 year old. She’s going to be so smart & intellectual just like major. You are an amazing mother Tiny”

“Aww she said “no I was in mommy stomach & I love mommy”

Heiress and her mommy’s relationship always pulls on the heartstrings of fans. In September, Harris shared a video of her and the 2-year-old singing nursery rhymes and fans loved it. They left comments like, “Oh…I’m melting, so cute! Going back to ole school nursery rhymes.😘✨💯”


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