Fans Have Mixed Reactions to Reginae Carter’ Racy Dance Video: ‘I’m Uncomfortable’

Reginae Carter is celebrating her 20th birthday all month. When her friends surprised her with a pre-birthday party, the new actress started to dance.

On Wednesday, a fan page shared a video to Instagram of Carter shaking and dancing to some New Orleans music. In the video, Carter is seen bent over twerking while receiving encouragment from her friends. Her fans loved it.

“Lol ayeeee how imma be when I’m21. 😭😂”


“Okay nae”

The haters were not feeling the video and thought it was inappropriate.

“Second hand embarrassment for sure.”

“Children these days boy I tell u”

“I’m uncomfortable”


Trolls even commented about how disappointed they think her parents will be when they see the video.

“Lil Wayne turned over in his eventual grave”

“When Wayne see this another dread gone fall out”

“I know Toya pissed”

Carter tried to preprare fans for the month long celebration by postin a meme on Instagram at the top of the month it said, “Hello November.” In the caption she wrote, “It’s my birthday month 🤗 We turning up all month 😏🤷🏾‍♀️ #Naetakes20 #youngandgettingit #issalottaoldheadsmad #butwegoneholdthatdown.”

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