Azealia Banks Flames Man Who Calls Her Unattractive: ‘You Know There Are Two Types Of American White Men’

Apparently, someone wasn’t familiar with Azealia Banks‘ clap back skills, but they quickly learned.

Not too long ago, someone who appeared to be Caucasian dissed the Harlem rapper on Twitter, which of course she responded to. These days the 27-year-old is probably known for her social media presence more than anything else.

Azealia Banks clapped back at a white guy who called her unattractive


“Christ, you’re unattractive,” the guy wrote.

Banks then responded by breaking down what she believes are the two types of white men that exist in the United States.

“You know there are two types of American white men,” she began. “The fat, inflamed blistering, red pork juice dripping kind of white men, who think they’re as charismatic as their more attractive counterparts, yet always smell like Axe and garlic, have gout and frequent their local 7/11.”

Next, Banks wrote about the other type of white man that she’s encountered but had positive things to say him.

“Then there are the unassumingly charming white men with human color skin, visible necks, healthy cholesterol levels and full heads of hair,” she wrote. “When I close my eyes and kiss them they smell like sugar cookie and their lips taste like marshmallows.”

But Banks obviously doesn’t consider the person who dissed her in that group of men, and through carefully placed insults she expressed why.

“You look like your lips taste like envelope adhesive and bacon bits,” she wrote. “You would probably burp Slim Jim and oppression into my mouth. Rest assured, that you never have to worry about an unattractive me hassling you for any Facetime. Be gone, Elmer Fudd.”

The clap back seemed to put the man away for good, because he didn’t issue any more responses. At least not any that received a lot of attention.

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