Kenya Moore Fires Back at Accusations She Got a Tummy Tuck After Snapback Photos Backfire

Kenya Moore just showed her fans that less than a month after giving birth, her belly is as flat as ever. And it’s sparking rumors that the new mom got a tummy tuck not long after her cesarian section.

The former “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star, who said she wanted to get back into shape after welcoming daughter Brooklyn Doris, posted a photo showing off her stomach on Tuesday, Nov. 27 saying without the belly weight she’s feeling a lot more like herself.

“#3weekspostpartum #47yearoldsnapback #Csection #teamnosleep The SnapBack is real! 🙈👀😝😊LOL  I still can’t work out yet but I feel much better. I was cut twice during my 3 hr Csection but I made it! I’ve always been healthy and worked out my entire life…whatever my body will do I’m not rushing it. It feels good to start to feel myself again.  #brooklyndaly is worth every battle scar! #myangel #miraclebaby #motherhood #love #family,” Moore wrote.

kenya moore


While many fans praised the 47-year-old’s snapback, others zeroed in on speculation that the weight loss wasn’t all natural.

“No, u got the c-section/tummy tuck special.. I’m hip.. 🤔”

“Cut twice means she had a tummy tuck. I aint mad at u Boo. Im 47. That snap back aint easy.”

“Good for you! I would of [sic] gotten a tummy tuck too, after having a C section.”

The last comment led to a discussion that spurred a response from Moore.

“@julestata no they are just out of shape and likely overweight… people doubt when they can’t achieve themselves. But it’s better to ask what did you do so I can do it too rather than to accuse someone of surgery 3 weeks after birth SMDH.”

kenya moore

Meanwhile, other commenters raced to defend the former reality TV star.

“So if @thekenyamoore did have a tummy tuck for the idiots saying it does that mean she had fat sucked out over her entire body? Are we not going to acknowledge that she looks amazing? You can’t get a tummy tuck and a c-section at the same time dumb asses!!”

“Ppl are stupid if they think u had a tummy tuck. I had one with my third child and it snap back right away because I never had a stomach just like u. This is ur first Child, of cause it’s going to snap back right away.. Ppl.”

“People are accusing you of surgery clearly don’t understand the power of nursing. My stomach snapped back two weeks after having my baby (natural birth). I couldn’t afford surgery. My tummy was much darker than the rest of my body. It was back to normal by the third month.”

And as if to get ahead of other speculation, like the darkness of her belly, Moore also responded to another defender.

“@celebs_out_and_about yes my tummy is darker too. My doctor said it will go back to natural color as well,” she said.kenya moore


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