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Kenya Moore Says She’s ‘Not In a Hurry’ to Lose Baby Weight But Has a Plan to Get Body Back

Kenya Moore hasn’t welcomed her baby yet but the first-time mom is already looking at how she’ll get back her old figure.

The former “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star posted an ad for Flat Tummy Co.’s weight loss shake on Instagram Tuesday, Sept. 18 and remarked on her viral comment about her weighing 200 pounds.

“#Ad ok yes I do weigh over 200lbs right now and that’s a little scary! I can’t wait to get back on the @flattummyco Shake It Baby program! I’m not in a hurry, but after baby is here, you know ya girl is down for the snapback! I use this because for me It works, and so easily. It gives me everything I need nutritionally and keeps me full for a long time, I don’t have crazy cravings, and I know the weight is just gonna drop off, just like it did last time! (ps: they’ve got a sale happening right now!)”

Kenya Moore


Fans eagerly poured out with comments supportive of the former Miss USA star’s burgeoning frame and how she’ll snap back into shape after giving birth.

“That is the key #mommydaly you are fit and muscle has memory your body will snap right back…tall and fit#teamtwirl waiting patiently here👶🏽😎.’

“@thekenyamoore I’m short and weigh 200, so guess how I look. And plus u preggers and older than me, and look 30 times better than me. U look great.”

“You’re all tummy and it’s beautiful. ❤ You’ve always been a healthy eater, not a yo-yo dieter so you’ll be just fine once the baby is born… the weight has no choice but to come off.”

And as any possible haters lurking in the comments, one fan old Moore not to worry.

“@thekenyamoore You are a tall woman, don’t let comments bother you, you are healthy, you will bounce back. I’m super excited for you guys, thanks for sharing.”

“@tcd40 they don’t bother me I’m 5’10” and lots of muscle so I’m not bothered it’s just shocking to look at at first 😂”

Kenya Moore


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