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‘Basketball Wives’ Star Malaysia Pargo Fans Hit Back at Fat Shamers: ‘It’s Just the Sweat Suit’

Fans of Malaysia Pargo said the reality star is looking a little thicker than usual.

The “Basketball Wives of L.A.” star has always embraced her curvy figure and has never been afraid to flaunt it on the Gram. However, in a recent photo, the 38-year-old mother appears to be more covered up and seemingly looks “thicker” than usual.

Pargo took to Instagram on Sunday and shared a photo of herself in casual wear. She was sporting an olive-green cotton fleece, Nike sweatpants, designer flats and a leather Chris Gelinas cross-bag. The star also wore her hair slicked back in a low-sitting bun. She captioned the image, ” Relaxed 😎.”


(photo credit: Instagram)

Nevertheless, folks began criticizing Pargo’s curvy frame and claimed she gained a lot of weight.

“You getting fat.”

“Too relaxed… She looking fluffy.”

“You gaining weight laylay maybe time to hit the gym.”

“You picking up some weight girl 😍.”

“You eating good sis ❤️.”

Others complimented Pargo’s style and said she looked naturally beautiful.

“That’s #PhoneCase or #PhonePurse thou 😳😃!!! Your low key #Goals and people be sleeping on you.”

“No matter what she wears, she looks good..😍.”

“Even relaxed n not so flashy you still daBomb@ @malaysiainthecity. Bae came through dripping drip drip.”

“She’s not gaining weight. It’s just the sweat suit is a baggy loose look. You are beautiful woman😍! Your whole spirit and face illuminates your soul.”

This isn’t the first time Pargo’s been bashed for her attire and appearance. In September, the star sported an over-sized black overall with a Tommy Hilfiger crop-top and boxers for her friend Bambi’s baby shower.

However, the star’s outfit was met with criticism by fans online.

“Ok Malaysia,” one fan wrote. ” You know Tommy did not design his clothes for blacks nor do not want blacks wearing his clothes.”

Another added, ““Not Tommy sis! Tommy didn’t make clothes for Black people. I guess y’all forgot.”

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