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Malaysia Pargo’s ‘Dope’ Photo Derails After Fans Dredge Up Decades-Old Myth About Designer Tommy Hilfiger

Malaysia Pargo‘s picture of her “fly” attire quickly spiraled out of control after fans slammed the fashion label.

Pargo recently celebrated the baby shower of her friend Bambi and husband Lil Scrappy. The theme for the event was based off the 1990s.

The “Basketball Wives of L.A.” star was dressed up as Chili from girl group TLC. Pargo sported over-sized black overalls with a Tommy Hilfiger crop-top and boxers. She took to Instagram on Tuesday and wrote, “90’s Vibe….Hair, Makeup, Lashes.”

Malaysia Pargo

(photo credit: Malaysia’s Instagram)

Several fans fawned over the reality star’s costume and said she looked amazing.

“Love that look! I will be right there to cook for you!👍🏽🙌🏽😇 You are always so beautiful,” an Instagram user wrote.

However, other fans noticed Pargo’s Tommy Hilfiger wear and said she was wearing a racist’s designs.

One person said, “Ok Malaysia. You know Tommy id not design his clothes for blacks nor do not want blacks wearing his clothes.”

Another added, “Not Tommy sis! Tommy didn’t make clothes for black people. I guess y’all forgot.”

“Tommy Hill was Racist we stop wearing his stuff back when we stop drinking chris 🤔.”

“I know that you don’t have no Tommy Hilfiger on Wow Black folks will never learn.”

“She just can’t get it right,” another fan said.

These posters were referencing a roundly debunked but nonetheless quite persistent internet rumor that, sometime in the mid-1990s, Hilfiger made racist remarks to the effect of he wouldn’t have made his clothes so nice had he known minorities would wear them.

However, Pargo’s not worried about the naysayers and recently celebrated her 37th birthday, She wrote, ” One Love.”

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