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Wendy Williams Renews Criticism of Future’s Promiscuity, Rapper Leaves His Response at Her Feet

Wendy Williams and Future are in the second round of their beef.

Earlier this month, the talk show host criticized the rapper for having five babies with five different women, which he responded to. And now she’s clowned him again for the same thing.

Future responds to Wendy Williams after she talks about his baby's mothers


This time Wendy was discussing a woman named Eliza Reign, who said she became pregnant with Future’s child after being with him for two years. Reign also said the rapper threatened her life when she refused to get an abortion.

Besides discussing the allegation, Wendy played an old show clip where she talked about Future and Joie Chavis having a child, and she predicted there was another baby’s mother out there. So Wendy believes she called it right because of what Reign alleged.

The talk show host also brought up Future’s age and said he should know better at this point.

“I guess because his demeanor, I just think of him as being 27 or 28 or something,” she stated. “Future is 35 still playing these reindeer games. With all the condoms out here, but no condoms anywhere.”

Future eventually responded to Reign on video, which Wendy played and called “embarrassing.”

“It’s an evil world we live in,” said the “Dirty Sprite” creator. “But hey, I’m gonna keep living and loving life. I love my fans the most. Hey, it’s gonna happen. When these racks blew, [people] will do whatever for this sh–.”

Future also gave a direct response to Wendy and dissed her for speaking about him.

“I can’t argue with a woman who feet bigger than mines,” he wrote. “No sir.”

Wendy has yet to respond.

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