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Damon Dash and Lee Daniels Finally Settle Beef Over $2 Million Film Investment

“I’m good.”

That’s what Damon Dash said after he and Lee Daniels settled their dispute over a $2 million film investment.

Damon Dash and Lee Daniels settled their beef for a $2 million movie investment


As we previously reported, Dash gave Daniels the money while he was still up and coming. In fact, he funded Daniels’ first two movies “The Woodsman,” which he received a return on and “Shadowboxer,” which he didn’t.

Daniels talked about the hip-hop executive helping him during an interview with TMZ and said it was at a time when the Hollywood bigwigs turned him down.

He explained all of this after the Roc-A-Fella co-founder angrily approached him during a Diana Ross concert and filmed it, which got massive attention. Dash also sued the filmmaker for $5 million and blasted him on social media.

“It was a very uncomfortable thing,” said Daniels about the confrontation. “Here’s the thing: It made me think. I thought he was hurt, and it made me think because when nobody in Hollywood was giving me money … Damon’s crazy ass was crazy enough to give me money for “The Woodsman” and for “Shadowboxer.’”

There’s no word on how much the two men settled for, but they both agreed to pay their own legal fees and drop the case entirely.

And when asked about the suit being over, Dame said he was glad it was behind them, considering their mutual history and work together.

“Just happy two people from the culture could work things out,” he told TMZ.

Daniels has yet to address the settlement.

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