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‘Whup That Ass!’ Miss Kitty Pulls the Claws Out on New Girl Signature: ‘She Got Hands, Hands’

Wednesday night’s episode of “Black Ink Crew” had Twitter on fire after Miss Kitty gave the new girl Signature a two-piece and a biscuit to the face.

Fans were turned off by a newcomer who calls herself Signature after she came into the tattoo shop trying to debo Miss Kitty’s position as “Black Ink’s” brand ambassador. She first dismissed Kitty’s request to see her business plan and then called her a “pussy.” Kitty was not here for Signature’s shade and called the newcomer a lady of the night who was trying to pitch her goodies to boss man Ceaser Emanuel.

Miss Kitty

(photo credit: L; Miss K. & R; Signature/ VH1 screenshot)

Tension between Kitty and Emanuel sparked after the brand ambassador felt like Emanuel didn’t defend her against the newcomer’s verbal jabs.

“This is some bulls**t. First this girl comes in disrespecting me and Cease is just letting this b**ch slide through,” Kitty said in her confessional.

Nevertheless, things really came to a head between Kitty and Emanuel after the boss man refused to hear Donna Lombardi’s reasoning for boycotting the shop. Kitty told Emanuel that he could have at least heard Lombardi out.

“To me it looked like Donna was coming to apologize and Cease should have given her the respect to go outside and talk to her,” Kitty said. “I’m not defending Donna’s behavior, but I am questioning Cease.”

Emanuel responded to Kitty defending Lombardi by telling her to, “If you don’t like it then you can get the f**k out, too.”

Kitty was already heated, but to make matters worse, her new archnemesis Signature popped up back to the shop. Kitty wasn’t in the mood to deal with any of Signature’s shenanigans again, so she walked up to the newcomer without warning and smacked her straight in the face. Security quickly intervened between the two women, but Kitty was still throwing hands.

“Black Ink” viewers were amazed by Kitt’s fighting skills, but were also happy that she gave Signature a “good ole a** whuppin’.”

“There u go kitty! 👏👏 She’s jabbed the mess out of her!”


“Kitty Smashed On That Hoeeee, she got hands hands.”

“🤣..dont play with Kitty okay thts my girl…she keeping wht she build and made.”

“Signature got two pieced by kitty. Yes kitty yes, signature was mad disrespectful when she came in so she deserved it.”

“That’s right kitty whoop her a**! She got what she deserve 👏.”

“Who knew kitty could roar lol💪she threw them hands.”

Watch the explosive scene:

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