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‘She Look Like a Body Builder;’ Fans Encourage Joseline Hernandez to Take It Easy on Working Out

Joseline Hernandez is known for her rigid fitness routines, but fans are telling her “relax” because she’s starting to look “too muscular.”

The “Puerto Rican Princess” doesn’t play when it comes to her workouts. She regularly posts videos of her hardcore exercise regimens and 28-day fitness challenges. Hernandez also doesn’t mind flaunting her body on the Gram from time-to-time.

The “Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta” star took to Instagram on Monday to post a short clip of herself working out on the beach. In the video, Hernandez performed different cardio and core training exercises including lunges and squats.

Joseline Hernandez

However, social media critiqued Hernandez’s ironclad fitness training and said it was starting to make her physique look “big and hard.”

“You turning into a nigga 😅.”

“Starting to look like a man.”

“Stop working out so much because Stevie moved on u made turning a dam body builder relax u work out too much u starting to look like a man. …. I hope u find yo self before muscular stack lol 😂.”

“Yes she is.. She doesn’t look feminime anymore. She look like a body builder.”

However, others in the comments fawned over Hernandez’s workout abilities.

“You are in such good shape!! Get it bae😍!”

“Beast mode!! 🔥 Excellent Beautiful.”

“Yes bae get that work in 💪🏼 That mfin Body is CRAZYYYYYYY💯.”

“Wheewww ! Body goals 😍.”

Hernandez recently was under fire for appearance in another video where fans debated back-and-forth if whether or not her butt was real. One person said, “You can literally see the implant in her butt.” But a fan jumped to her defense and said, “Ya’ll stupid yhu cannott see this lady implant Joseline keeps up with her body she looks good.”

The 32-year-old mother never admitted to getting her rear-end surgically enhanced, but said she’s had a little nip-and-tuck done.

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