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Keyshia Cole Tribute Post to Kim Porter Hijacked By Fans’ Reactions to Seeing Her with Lil Kim

Singer Keyshia Cole joined the list of celebs who paid tribute to the late Kim Porter, but her message was overshadowed by fans who were happy to see the beef squashed between her and the Queen Bee Lil Kim.

Porter’s funeral was held this past weekend and several celebrities attended the ceremony to pay their respects to her, including Cole, Missy Elliot and Lil Kim. The 37-year-old took to Instagram on Saturday and wrote, “Rest in paradise @ladykp ❤️ We all came together for you!! 🙏🏽.” Cole posted a photo of her, Elliot and Kim back together for the first time at Lady KP’s funeral, since making their hit song collaboration “Let It Go” released in 2007.

Keyshia Cole

photo credit/ Instagram; from left Missy E., Keyshia C. , and Lil Kim)

However, Cole’s heart-felt tribute and post to Porter was blighted by fans who were shocked, yet ecstatic to see she’d and Lil Kim made up.

“Now this makes me happy. Good to see you and Lil Kim friends again 🙏🏾.”

“Beautiful!!! Life is too short!! Happy to see this!”

“Kim & Keyshia ❤️ Now let’s keep it together. No time for anymore nonsense#love.”

“You and Kim made up 🙏🏾 love all 3 of you!”

“OMG I’m so happy to see you and Lil Kim back together again can we get a Let It Go part 2.”

“Omggg my heart skip a beat when i scrolled my two fav’s 🙌🏽❤ 🙌🏽 yea Kesha Nd Kim 😍.”

“Glad to see u and Kim is good 👌🏿 RIP KP 🙏🏿.”

“Omg Let it Go pt 2 period…. so happy to see you & Lil Kim together after all these years!♥️”

Cole and Lil Kim began beefing in 2011 after the “Love” singer released a collaboration with Kim’s rap rival Nicki Minaj titled “I Ain’t Thru.” The Queen Bee felt disrespected that Cole let Minaj diss her on their track together which drove a wedge in her and Cole’s friendship.

Cole and the Queen Bey engulfed into a Twitter War a year later and Cole tweeted, “Lil Kim and I a r not ‘friends’ I take that term very seriously. We made wonderful music. That is it.”

Lil Kim shot back, “U got that right. We are not friends. … Friend or no friend I would have never let anybody disrespect u on my record but I can’t expect everyone to be as real as i am.”

Their feud reportedly went on for years. However, it looks like the two musicians have finally put their beef behind them.

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