Gucci Mane Says His Baby Mama Doesn’t Need $20,000 A Month In Child Support, Calls $1,000 Dry Cleaning Expense ‘Suspect’


Gucci Mane is fighting a child support case filed by his baby’s mother Sheena Evans,  and he doesn’t want his financial information released. Plus, he said she doesn’t need $20,000 a month to raise their son Keitheon.

A few weeks ago, Evans filed a suit to get her monthly support payments increased from $2,076 to $20,000, because she believes the rapper’s fianancies have grown significantly since his 2011 prison release.

She also pointed to a report that he spent $1 million on his wedding to Keyshia Ka’Oir as proof that he lives lavishly.

Gucci Mane says his baby's mother wanting $20,000 a month in child support is suspect

And to challenge those claims, Gucci would have to release financial records, but he’s asked the judge for a pass. That’s because he’s afraid the information would leak to the press and hurt his future business deals during negotiations. The rapper also believes  that Evans leaked the first pieces of news about the child support case.

On top of that, Gucci asked the court to keep his financial information hidden, so it may take awhile for a decision to come back.

And as far as the $20,000 per month child support request, according to The Blast, the rapper called it “suspect” and challenged Evans stating that she spends $1,000 per month on clothes for Keitheon, $800 on dry cleaning, $150 on grooming and $2,800 in extracurricular activities.

As Atlanta Black Star previously reported, the “So Icy” MC wants the judge to throw out Evans’ request entirely. It’s also been reported that in 2011 he was ordered to pay $2,026 monthly based on a personal income of $24,000 a month.

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