Michael B. Jordan Admits He’s Hooked Up With Women Who’s Slid In His DMs: ‘I’m Human’

One can only imagine the number of women who try to holler at Michael B. Jordan on social media, and his DMs are likely to be filled with all kinds of propositions.

But does he ever respond to any of those advances? Furthermore, does he ever take things offline and actually hook up with any of those women?

Michael B. Jordan said he's hooked up with women who's slid in his DMs


It’s something the actor was asked when he stopped by “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” to promote his new movie “Creed II,” and his response shocked fans.

“Have you ever hooked up via direct messages?” asked Chrissy Teigen, who was also on the show. “Yes, I have,” answered Jordan. “I’m human. Not often but yes I have.”

Meanwhile, Jordan got a lot of people’s attention when he said he could hold his own against retired boxer Roy Jones Jr. in the ring. The actor stated that he’s been doing so much training for the “Creed” movies, he would do just fine in a match.

Jones eventually responded to the New Jersey native on video and said he’d fight Jordan anytime, anywhere. He also said the 31-year-old wouldn’t even stand a chance against him.

In fact, D.L. Hughley said the same thing when he was asked about it by TMZ. He also dissed the retired fighter and suggested he was punch drunk.

“Roy Jones Jr. ain’t what he was, but he’d still beat the sh– out of Michael B. Jordan,” said D.L. “Even though Roy Jones Jr. won’t remember his name, he’ll beat the hell out of Michael B. Jordan.”

The “Creed” actor has kept silent about Jones since making his claim, and he didn’t say anything more about hooking up with women in his DMs either, in terms of how many times he’s actually done it.

You can see Jordan’s interview below.

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