‘He Can’t Beat Me:’ Roy Jones Jr. Agrees to Fight Michael B. Jordan After Actor Says He Could Match His Boxing Skills

Boxing great Roy Jones Jr. has one message for Michael B. Jordan: I may be 18 years your senior, but I’ll still knock you out cold.

On Monday, Atlanta Black Star shared an interview with Jordan where he expressed interest in fighting Jones. The actor has been doing a lot of training for his soon-to-open new movie “Creed II,” and said he’s in such good shape that he could hold his own against the 49-year-old.


“I can do my thing a little bit,” Jordan stated. “I’ve been working out with Rocky, I’ve been working out with Apollo Creed, I can do my thing. I feel I can do my thing a little bit [against Jones]. Right now, but in his prime, nah, he’d probably knock my ass out, but now I could do my thing.”

“First thing is, I never ducked a fight in my life,” Jones told TMZ in response. “I duck nothing, right? I don’t even run from hurricanes when they come down here. If Michael B. wants this for real, contact Roy Jones Jr., and we will make it happen.”

Jones then told the 31-year-old movie star that he could get his number from TMZ, so there’s no excuse not to get in touch with him.

He also said Jordan probably thinks he could beat him because he’s younger and in better shape, but Jones feels being a pro fighter for so many years will things easy for him.

And as far as trying to knock Jordan out in the first round, Jones said he rather beat him slowly and show him what a real boxing match is like.

“I want him to understand what boxing is, so I’m not out there just to take him out right away, because then he don’t get the experience of a boxing match,” he explained. “I’m gonna need five, six rounds out you. I want you to see how it really feels.”

Jones wrapped up his interview by stating he’d need about five or six weeks to prepare for Jordan, then they could step in the ring.

No word from Jordan yet, and it’s still not clear if he was even serious about taking on the retired fighter.

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