Michael B. Jordan Hears From Roy Jones Jr. After Saying He Could Take The Fighter On Following Training for ‘Creed II’

Michael B. Jordan’s “Creed II” will soon hit theaters and between the new film and it’s first part, he’s gotten a tremendous amount of boxing training in.

That’s what the 31-year-old explained to TMZ during an interview. In fact, Jordan said he’s in such good fight shape, he could take on Roy Jones Jr. and truly hold his own. But only these days since Jones is retired, not when he was still fighting and knocking people out left and right.

Michael B. Jordan says he can hold his own in a boxing match against Roy Jones Jr.


“I can do my thing a little bit,” said Jordan. “I’ve been working out with Rocky, I’ve been working out with Apollo Creed, I can do my thing. I feel I can do my thing a little bit [against Jones]. Right now, but in his prime, nah, he’d probably knock my ass out, but now I could do my thing.”

Not too long afterwards, the boxing legend responded and although he didn’t seem mad or offended, he let Jordan know that he’s still in good shape.

“I still stay ready,” wrote Jones.

He also posted a message to his Instagram page and suggested he’d be willing to spar against the actor if given the chance.

“If that’s what the fans want,” he wrote. “Y’all know it’s not hard at all to make … I’m not tripping either way. Delighted that he wanna be in with his top choice.”

From there, Roy’s fans chimed in and mocked Jordan for his claims.

“Everybody can do their thing ‘till they get punched in the face,” one person wrote.

“When reality is no longer a part of your world,” wrote another.

“Son, you better stick to acting,” a third person commented. “I will say I like the confidence … You did a couple hundred hours of training, where Roy did a couple hundred thousand hours of training. Stick to Hollywood, fella.”

But some believed Jordan was merely joking around and wasn’t serious about standing toe-to-toe with Roy, especially since he named fictional characters as trainers.

“I think he’s being sarcastic,” someone wrote. “Dude said he’s been training with Rocky Balboa and Apollo Creed. He’s just having fun.”

“Creed II” opens up on Wednesday, Nov. 21.

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