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Stevie J and Faith Evans Think Notorious B.I.G. Would Be Fine With Their Marriage: ‘It’s 20-Something Years Later’

When word got out that Stevie J and Faith Evans had gotten married, people definitely seemed surprised. Not only because Stevie had been linked to Joseline Hernandez for so long, but also because he and The Notorious B.I.G. were close friends.

Faith and Biggie tied the knot in 1994 and have a son, Christopher Wallace Jr., who Stevie is the godfather of. He also produced for the late rapper and worked closely with him as a hit-maker for Bad Boy Records.

Stevie J and Faith Evans said The Notorious B.I.G. would be fine with their marriage


But regardless of whether the new marriage seems strange to some people, the “Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta” star said Biggie would be fine with it.

“Listen, it’s 20-something years later. I’m sure he’ll be happy because she’s happy. He would be doing his thing,” said Stevie on TMZ’s “Raq Rants.” “As long as we’re good and the kids good, between us we have 10 children, so that’s a lot.”

Then Faith joined the conversation and agreed that Biggie would be OK with her marriage to Stevie. Plus, she said although Stevie was close to the legendary rapper, he wasn’t in his crew or inner circle.

The R&B star also reminded people that she had a longtime marriage to Todd Russaw until it ended in divorce in 2011. So it wasn’t liked she jumped straight from Biggie to Stevie.

“Now if I started dating Lil’ Cease or Nino [Brown] or Banger or somebody, then I would look at myself, like, bitch what is you doing?” said Faith, mentioning some of Biggie’s closest friends. “And I had a whole ‘nother 14-year marriage between this marriage and Big.”

After the host mentioned Russaw, Stevie seemingly grew upset and quickly chimed in.

“He had his turn,” barked Stevie. “Get the bum out of here.”

You can see the clip below.

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