Mariah Huq Skewered for ‘Fake Ass’ Apology to Dr. Heavenly’s Husband Over Cheating Allegations

Mariah Huq issued what was meant to be a heartfelt apology to Dr. Heavenly Kimes’ husband on “Married to Medicine” Saturday, but fans were unconvinced of her sincerity.

Two months before the trip, Huq exclaimed that she had receipts that Dr. Heavenly’s husband, Damon Kimes, hadn’t been faithful when Huq and the dentist had a heated argument.

“I want to personally apologize to you,” Huq says. “Because, believe it or not, I respect you, bruh, more than you will ever know. And I shouldn’t spread anything — that’s not what I’m about. I’m not about tearing down families. And the fact that I became that, it’s disappointing to me.

“You never have to worry about that from me ever again because that’s not who I am,” she concluded. “So, I hope you accept my apology.”

Huq added in a confessional scene that whatever Kimes does outside of his home doesn’t concern her.

While Kimes said he accepted “100 percent,” viewers weren’t feeling the same way.

“I’m done with Mariah on #MarriedToMedicine and I almost did an all-CAPS rant about her ✌🏼apology✌🏼 … #M2M #MarriedToMedicine I mean… she’s not even saying she’s lied!! She just said that wasn’t her place. AND WHY’D SHE BREAK A GLASS.”

“Let’s see how far Mariah’s apology goes… #Married2Med #marriedtomedicine.”

“Mariah is so shady. She apologized to Damon to his face but implicated him in her confessional.#Married2Med #MarriedToMed #marriedtomedicine.”

“See this is exactly why they don’t f— with Mariah. She gon give that fake ass apology to Damon, then shade him in her confessionals by insinuating that he did cheat, right AFTER she said she’s not about dividing families. F—ing lair. #MarriedToMedicine #Married2Med.”

“Mariah will always be Shady AF Mariah. Even with an apology, she’s still alluding to Damon having affairs. #MarriedToMed #Married2Med #marriedtomedicine.”

Still, there were some fans who felt the apology was enough.

“Wow Mariah that’s big of you apologizing to damon #MarriedToMedicine #Married2med.”

“Mariah apologizeDDDDDDDD to Damon. Okay back to a regularly scheduled program. #MarriedtoMedicine #Married2Med.”

“Finally Mariah took gives a genuine apology. Good job Mariah. #marriedtomedicine.”

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