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‘Fake or Not?’ Joseline Hernandez’s Fans Get Into Heated Debate About Her Butt

Social media continues to fire off on Joseline Hernandez‘s appearance and question whether or not the star’s rear-end is real.

Hernandez has never blatantly admitted to having her butt surgically done, but fans, on the other hand, accused the star of having a fake rump-shaker. The 32-year-old mother recently took to Instagram on Monday and posted a photo of her fit beach body. She sported a black two-piece bikini top and g-string. The picture was mainly focused on her naked rear-end with the caption, “👅👅👅.”

Joseline Hernandez

(photo credit: Instagram)

The “Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta” star’s baring image once again incited a heated debate among folks who debated over whether or not Hernandez’s booty was fake.

One person wrote, “You can literally see the implant but that back & stomach yassss!#goals👏.”

A fan responded, “That’s called muscle. That’s what worked out asses look like. Look at those muscles on those legs. You can see the muscle on the buttocks. Nice @joseline keep doing you fuck the haters they sick anyways!!! They always mad mad 😂.”

“Hoes get on these post talking about her butt being fake and the hair on their head, brows and lashes be fake too!”

“We legit see the implant👏.”

“Wow I didn’t kno she had implants.”

“Ya’ll stupid yhu cannott see this lady implant Joseline keeps up with her body she looks good and her ass is real.”

“You can tell its not an implant if it was fake im sure she wouldve got but shots or something implants doesnt look natural.”

During an interview with Wendy Williams in 2016, Hernandez admitted to having her breasts surgically enhanced. However, when the host asked the “Puerto Rican Princess” if she’d had work done on her butt Hernandez replied, “You know I’ve had a little nippin and tuckin done here and there.”

Check out Hernandez throwback clip with Williams:

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