Fans Think Kenya Moore Is Cash-Strapped After Reality Star Posts Photo of Hair Care Line Instead Of New Baby

Fans of Kenya Moore think the reality star might be strapped for cash after she shared an Instagram post promoting her new hair care line.

Moore, who recently gave birth to “miracle daughter” Brooklyn Doris Daly, uploaded a post on Saturday promoting 20 percent off products from her Moore Hair Care Line.

Kenya Moore

The accusations come after the IRS hit Kenya Moore with a $150,000 tax lien. (Image courtesy of Bravo TV)

“Black Friday is almost here! 20% off on @amazon #kenyamoorehaircare,” she captioned the photo.

Social media critics saw the post as a sign that Moore was in desperate need of money, but fans quickly jumped to her defense to put the rumors to rest.

“A lot of you posting she need money 💰 no so this young lady have money 💰 she is just like everybody else making money 💰 stop down her she’s our sister black sister stop being so hard to each other stop ✋ it,” one fan commented.”

“Don’t know why other black women think it’s ok to out another sista down,” another chimed in. “We’re all here to make that money. Learn how to support each other.”

One fan simply couldn’t understand the nastiness of it all and argued it was nobody’s business if Moore was in need of a little extra money.

“And even if she need money, she’s not asking you for money,” they wrote. “Why are you so wicked and rude to someone who’s advertising her products? … Oprah Winfrey is on TV now advertising stuff for Christmas because she’s broke? or because she he needs money?”

The allegations come just days after it was revealed that Moore was recently hit with a $150,000 tax lien. The former “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star is accused of failing to pay taxes dating back to 2016, according to court documents obtained by The Blast.

On Oct. 12, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) issued a federal tax lien demanding that Moore cough up $152,678.36 for the year. A lien against Moore’s Atlanta home, famously known Moore Manor, has since been placed for that amount.

Kenya Moore

Image courtesy of Instagram / Kenya Moore.

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