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Ashanti’s Sister Accuses Cardi B’s Fashion Nova Line of Stealing Her Designs: ‘I Posted It Last Year’

Ashanti’s sister Kenashia Douglas suggested that Cardi B’s Fashion Nova line stole her designs. It’s something she alluded to on Instagram by posting a photo of an outfit she created some time ago.

Coincidentally, Douglas was just going to share the picture of her outfit as a throwback  but then noticed that Fashion Nova had a piece that looked pretty much the same.

Ashanti's Sister Said Cardi B's Fashion Nova Line Stole Her Designs


“Peep how the universe works. I was planning to put this pic up as a throwback Thursday today because I’m tired of it,” she wrote. “I posted it last year, as a creative things get old and annoying fast. And I peeped people, certain designers I’ve worked with even try to run with the design and make it their own. I charged it to the game, ‘cause I’m no hater bitch, and I know the possibilities of my creativity are limitless, and I can rely solely on that and be good. However, I’m reminded no matter how old, never doubt myself.”

This isn’t the first time Fashion Nova has been accused of ripping off designs.

Back in July, Jai Nice, the owner of the online store Kloset Envy, accused the company of the same thing. According to the social media star, a Fashion Nova Rep bought one of her hoodies, stole the design and sent it back for a refund.

The company seemingly responded to Jai when they captioned one of their photos “Throwing Shade.” But they haven’t said anything about Douglas’ claims. Still, her followers came to her defense, while at the same gave encouragement.

“Your quality and fit looks better,” someone wrote. “They didn’t even get the correct puff to the skirt. I would purchase this from you if you put it out. I think you should.”

“You should sue Fashion Nova,” wrote another follower. “Because it seems like that’s what they love, stealing people ideas and creation.”

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