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‘Black Ink Crew’: Donna’s Lack of Compassion for Tokie Backfires As Fans Call for Her to be Fired

Black Ink Crew” star Donna Lombardi has viewers riled up and calling for her pink slip after showing little to no sympathy towards Tokie‘s situation.

Donna Lombardi

(photo credit: VH1 screenshots)

During a recent episode of the VH1 reality show the new receptionist, Tokie had an emotional breakdown after she revealed that she was sexually assaulted. During a “Black Ink” retreat with her co-workers, Tokie received a phone call from her abuser which caused her to snap. She flew into a rage after exchanging a few words with Lombardi and had to be escorted off of the premises. The group was confused as to what triggered Tokie’s meltdown, but Lombardi felt she put on a show for the cameras.

“Black Ink” members discussed the receptionist’s emotional situation and boss man Ceaser Emanuel was completely sympathetic to Tokie’s breakdown.

“I know we don’t know her or nothing but at the end of the day we really gotta have some type of compassion for Tokie,” Emanuel said.

All of the group members nodded in agreement, but Lombardi, on the other hand, feels Tokie is unfit to work at the shop and instead encouraged Emanuel to hire back her bestie Jadah Blue. 

“Well I’m sympathetic to the story but I still don’t wanna work with that girl,” Lombardi said in reference to Tokie. “I feel like she’s a danger to the shop. … If she’s that volatile where she could get a phone call and be around us and then make people feel endangered like I don’t really see why she needs to work here. Like you said we don’t owe her nothin.”

Lombardi’s comments set “Black Ink” fans off with her seemingly nonchalant attitude towards Tokie’s abuse revelation and folks are calling for the tattoo artist to be thrown off the show.

“Donna don’t work she sit and talk, sit and fight, party, fight, start fights, take up for someone she done slept with bye girl💀!”

“Girl u want Jadah to have a job in a tattoo shop so bad open yo own show…u lucky you there to be honest…cause if he had to start letting ppl go you’d be the first one 👏.”

“Donna is a liability and the smurf has no story line 👀💀.”

“Fire Donna she can’t tattoo for s**t.”

“Donna ass should have been gone and her opinion shouldn’t even matter. Idgaf i’m just sick of her ass.”

“Donna hush tokie is very extra you both should not be there.”

In an upcoming episode, Lombardi makes Emanuel choose between she and Tokie to continue working at the shop and threatens to quit if he keeps Tokie.

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