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‘Ceaser Is Being Selfish’: ‘Black Ink Crew’ Boss Called Out for Not Letting Sky Level Up

Black Ink Crew” viewers aren’t feeling Ceaser Emanuel‘s inconsiderate attitude towards his friend and employee Sky Days after she launched a fashion boutique in Miami.

Days has been Emanuel’s right-hand woman when it comes to managing the shop and she usually oversees the day-to-day operations. However, the mother of two decided it was time to make a name for herself and opened up her clothing store “Her Little Secret Boutique” in Florida.

Ceaser Emanuel and Sky Days

(photo credit: L; Ceaser E. & R; Sky D./Instagram)

Emanuel found out about Days’ new business venture and he was unenthused, to say the least. He seemingly questioned Days loyalty and asked how she was going to run her business while still focusing on “Black Ink.”

Days responded, “I’ve always been your number two in this bro, but can I be number one somewhere on my own.”

Emanuel shot back, “Why the f**k would you wanna go into the fashion industry when we’re about to take over the ink industry. Or we could open up a ‘Black Ink’ in Miami, not a f**king boutique!”

The 33-year-old felt Emanuel was on some “hater-s**t” and didn’t want to see her excel. She told her youngest son Des in an upcoming episode, she felt Emanuel shut her business idea down and was acting un-supportive.

Fans agreed with Days and said the “Black Ink” boss was acting extremely self-centered and selfish.

“He just care about him 🙄 and his company excelling not for the people who work for him. They need to do something for themselves how are they going to eat.”

“Ceaser being mad selfish this season. He better be about to go bankrupt 🙄.”

“You go Sky… I guess you only suspose to wk for him and make him rich… Get TF out here B**ch as Cesar!”

“Is he the only one allowed to come up? 🤔 cease tripping.”

“That’s selfish as hell, sky has dedicated a good portion of her life to helping make his business successful. Allow your “sis” to be successful too.”

“This really pissed me off😑😑😑like damn can’t she start something of HER own.”

Not everyone was against Ceaser, however, some saw his questions as a legitimate concern any business owner would have.

“Yeah, but he’s asking valid questions that any business owner would ask. If she’s running her own company, how much time realistically can she invest in helping him run his? That’s a legitimate question. He may very well have to replace her. Happens everyday.”

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