‘Messy H-e!’: ‘Black Ink Crew’ Fans Trash Tati After She Exposes Walt for Allegedly Sliding In Her DMs Amid His Wedding Trip

It seems like “Black Ink Crew” viewers aren’t feeling Tati‘s drama-filled ways.

On the latest episode of the show, Tati made some eyebrow-raising accusations against her co-star Walter. She claimed Walter tried to make a pass at her through her direct messages on social media while he was still with his fiancée Jessica.

In the Wednesday, April 22 episode, the entire “Black Ink” crew traveled to Hawaii to celebrate Walter and Jessica finally tying the knot. When Tati, Young Bae and Donna Lombardi hit the beach together, that’s when she made the startling revelation that Walter was supposedly unfaithful to his bride-to-be.

Walter and Tati VH1 screengrabs

“I didn’t want to say it but now that we’re actually here I can’t keep it to myself,” Tati said to fellow cast members. “Walter all the way be sliding in my DMs. He was like ‘I heard you got some good p—y’ which is like yes I know duh.”

Tati claimed Walter tried to shoot his shot at her a few months ago, while he was still with Jessica. The HR staffer said she rejected Walter’s advances out of respect for his fiancée.

“I told him that I have respect for Jess and I would not put myself in a position to ruin their relationship or get bad karma,” Tati said in her confessional.

Walter’s fiancée Jessica. VH1 screengrab

She told her co-stars she had proof Walter was trying to make a pass at her. Tati also said he told her he would imagine having sexual relations with her.

“Black Ink Crew” fans, however, didn’t believe Tati and slammed her for starting drama during the week of Walter’s wedding.

“What a messy hoe! You decide to bring this up now? When he finna get married”

“Yo who can I email to express that miserable Tati is no longer necessary on black ink. I need to remove her from my sight…she ain’t got no storyline & no fans. Thank you for your services! (Shaunie voice)”

“So why didn’t it see something right when it happened? Tatti love to be messy and wonder why kit don’t fwh. But why she think everybody want her? 😭”

“She’s a thirsty rat 😖 If it was months ago why you bringing up now when he’s about get married 🙄. She’s a different type of messy”

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