Fans Fawn Over How Much Lil Scrappy’s Daughter Looks Like Her Mother Erica Dixon

Erica Dixon spent the day with her daughter Emani Richardson by her ex-boo Lil Scrappy and fans couldn’t get over how much the mother and daughter favor each other. On Wednesday, Dixon shared a photo on Instagram with daughter out at the Federal Reserve Bank. In her caption she wrote, “Federal Reserve Bank to Pearl with my Rollie! If you haven’t taken your kids you should. Very interesting and educational!”

Erica Dixon and Emani Richardson

The fans chimed in at how much the duo favors.

“twins beautiful”

“looking like high school classmates!”


“Yall look like twins!! too cute!! she beautiful!!”

“that is your twin right there Erica”

“Looking like sisters looking good Erica”

“Yall look just like sisters”

“Omg yall look just alike”

Emani hangs out with her dad pretty often as well. In August even when Scrappy was recovering from his car accident, he made sure he was able to bring his baby girl to the first day of school. In a post he made on Instagram he said, ““just dropped my lil one off at school and I always get teared up cause she’s growing so rapidly and she’s finna be in high school next year and she’s so amazing tho, God I’m definitely grateful for her and I praise you for that and many more.” He continued, “Love and take care of ya kids, sad some of you Ig parents be lying.”

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