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Fans Are Begging Mona Scott-Young to Make This Change to ‘Love and Hip Hop’ Reunions

VH1 viewers and fans are asking for “Love and Hip Hop” franchise producer Mona Scott-Young to replace television host Nina Parker for “LHH” reunion specials.

Scott-Young first created the “LHH” series in 2011 after taking the show to New York. Two years later, the media exec formed an Atlanta, Hollywood and Miami franchise of the original show which was a big success with fans. After each season finale, a reunion special is held and hosted by Parker. However, fans are begging Scott-Young to give Parker the boot.

During “Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood‘s” reunion special on Monday, fans felt the television host’s commentary was “dry and boring.” Folks also complained that Parker wasn’t asking the right questions, “talks over the cast”, doesn’t have the “right personality” to deal with cast-mates and “can’t control s**t” onstage. One fan person even threatened to stop watching every “LHH” franchise until she’s fired.

“Boycotting every #lhh until you get rid of Nina we been asking forever now @VH1,” the VH1 viewer tweeted.

Mona Scott-Young

(photo credit: Instagram/ from left Mona S.Y and Shawn Y.)

Folks appear to be completely fed up with Parker hosting “LHH” reunion specials and flooded Scott-Young’s Instagram comments in hopes of replacing the host.

“Fire Nina Parker please 🙌🏽!”

“Bruh, I’m so done with Nina hosting! You are on a show full of drama but attempt to stop it! This isn’t your ministry sis! Mona get rid of her already!”

“There has to be a better host than Nina. She’s the worst. Smh new host please 🙏.”

“New reunion host 🧐.”

Other fans even suggested that Scott-Young hire Instagram comedian Kendall Kyndall who does “LHH” reviews online, to host the franchise reunions instead of Parker.

“Nice pic Mona!! Mona I would like to suggest one thing…. Can you please consider replacing Nina ( as the host of the reunions) with @kendallkyndall … This would be such a power move. Ok bye 🖐🏾.”

“When are u gonna let @kendallkyndall be the host of #LAHH …WE DONT LIKE NINA AS HOST.”

“@kendallkyndall is my nomination for new host.”

Scott-Young recently added published author under her many working titles after releasing her novel “Blurred Lines” in June. The book centers around love, lies and betrayal “set in the world of music and entertainment.”

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