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Why Tammy Rivera Says She Respects Prostitutes More Than Groupies

Tammy Rivera was asked if she and Waka Flocka Flame slept together on their first date, and she quickly said no. Tammy then explained that jumping in bed with someone just isn’t her style, and she won’t sleep with anyone unless there’s a financial incentive.

“I’m about my money. I don’t get down like that,” she told The Hollywood Unlocked. “I’m not about to be sleeping with no n—- and be walking away [broke]. I’m not saying I’m a prostitute either, but I ain’t about to give a n—- no a– and be like ‘Oh, I just had fun and we just had sex last night.’ Like, nah.”

Tammy Rivera Says She Respects Prostitutes Over Groupies


The subject of Waka’s infidelities came up as well, which is something she’s opened up about in the past. Tammy said she can’t stomach women who sleep with celebrities for popularity, and she has way more respect for the women who get paid for sex.

“I don’t respect a groupie or a ho but I respect a prostitute before I would,” she explained. “A groupie is just f—— for a title.”

Tammy also said that she’s never been swept off her feet by a guy’s looks, it’s always been about his personality, so that may be another reason why she’s never jumped into bed quickly.

The reality star’s stance on prostitutes and groupies come about a month after a stripper said she bedded Waka. Not only that, the woman gave a detailed account of her alleged sexual romp and even threatened to tell Tammy if the rapper didn’t cough up some money.

It was something that Tammy discussed during the interview as well, which you can see below, starting at the 24:26 mark.

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