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Cynthia Bailey Shuts Down Fans Who Say She’s Moving Too Fast With Mike Hill: ‘Hello, We’re Grown’

Cynthia Bailey has been living a happy life with her new boo Mike Hill, but she’s ready to take their relationship to new heights.

On Friday, the couple spoke to Entertainment Tonight about their relationship. Bailey expressed how happy she is in the relationship. “I am so grateful that I met this man because I was pretty good being by myself but as busy as I am running my Cynthia Bailey empire, I go to bed at night alone, and it is lonely. This feels really good.”

Bailey also added that after dating Hill for only 6 months, she’s ready to have a future with him. “I’m 51 years old. I don’t have rules.” She continued, “One thing people keep saying to me, well, one of the things people keep saying to us is, ‘This is great, but do you think you’re moving too fast? Do you think it’s going so fast?’ Hello, we’re grown! It’s not like we’re 20! I can’t go fast — can I go faster is the question. I really want to run toward my future with him. I love him, I’m at peace.”

Bailey constantly fawns over her Fox Sports Anchor boyfriend. On Thursday, she shared a photo showing off a gorgeous natural glow she attributes to Hill. In her caption she wrote, “In the beginning there was light✨ Glam: @boomkackmua @hair4kicks Glow: @itsmikehill”

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