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Allen Iverson Says Michael Jordan Called Him a ‘Lil’ B-tch’ When They First Met

Most people probably know that Michael Jordan is arguably the greatest basketball player of all time, but it’s possible that a lot of folks aren’t aware he’s also considered one of the NBA’s best trash-talkers.

It’s something that Allen Iverson certainly knows, and he told a story about the first time he ever spoke to the former Chicago Bull.

Allen Iverson Says Michael Jordan Called Him a 'Lil B-tch.'


Iverson came into the NBA in 1996 when Jordan was already considered the league’s best and had four championships under his belt. And it’s possible that Jordan wanted to get into his head a little, considering the huge buzz the point guard developed playing at Georgetown University.

Iverson also idolized the North Carolina native, so he said their first exchange really caught him off guard.

“The first time I ever talked to him was that year playing in the rookie game,” Iverson explained. “That was the year they did the top 50 of all time … I’ll never forget it because he said ‘What’s up, you little bitch?’ I looked at him like ‘All right, man.'”

But the retired 76er said nothing in return and just kept silent. But during another time, the two hoop legends actually had a conversation and Jordan brought up getting crossed over in that 1997 match-up, that folks are still talking about today.

“And then I remember one time I was telling him how much I rocked with him,” Iverson recalled. “And he was like, man, you wasn’t rocking with me like that, ‘cause you wouldn’t have crossed me like that.”

You can watch Iverson talk about his first exchange with Jordan below.

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