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Tamar Braxton’s Wig Steals Fans’ Attention for All the Wrong Reasons

Some Tamar Braxton fans have taken issue with her continuing to rock a bald head but when she sported a wig recently, many dragged that look, too.

Braxton posted a video to her Instagram page Monday, Nov. 5 and blew kisses to the camera. She notably had a wavy honey brown wig on as virtual hearts escaped from her mouth.

The fun clip had a few fans swooning.

“So beautiful.”

“Hey sis looking good.”

“Love to see you showing off that beautiful smile of yours & seeing you happy ❤️”

“Gorgeous honey ❤️❤️❤️❤️😘 @tamarbraxton.”

But others couldn’t help but slam her hair.

“Hair looks a mess.”

“I love you Tamar but I don’t like that wig. Your short haircut makes you look so beautiful naturally. I love it! 😍🤩.”

“That wig looks really bad u look amazing without it.”

“U need @terrellmullin back on the wigs sis cuz nooooooo way.”

And there were some commenters who claimed she should ease up on the work they think she’s gotten done to her face.

“You use to be pretty but now whatever you did to your face you look fake Sorry Not Sorry😀😀😀.”

“Omg. Stop with the surgeries already.”

“Tamar your face! Come on nah. You’re gonna pretend? New flash: We see it! There was nothing wrong to begin with. You were just fine before. Girl Hollywood be having y’all gone.”

It seems Braxton, who shaved her hair off in March and hasn’t looked back since, can’t catch a break lately. She also faced accusations of getting her face surgically enhanced when she played with another Instagram filter just days earlier on Nov. 1.

And fans can’t truly decide whether or not they love or hate her hair, either. Several praised an Oct. 31 shot of Braxton’s chrome dome while another set of followers begged her to put on a wig.

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