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‘Meghan McCain Can Learn A Lot’: Ana Navarro Joins ‘The View’ as Guest Co-Host and Folks Can’t Wait for Her to School McCain

GOP strategist Ana Navarro set tongues a wagging Friday when she announced she’d be joining ABC’s “The View” as a guest co-host every Friday.

Viewers from both sides of the political spectrum were thrilled by the news, many of whom were more than ready to see Navarro square off with fellow conservative co-host Meghan McCain.

“Some personal news … starting today, I am happy to be joining the ladies around the table as a Friday Co-host on The View,” she wrote on Twitter.

Ana Navarro

Fans praised Ana Navarro for her ability to respect opposing viewpoints without throwing a hissy fit. (Photo by Getty Images)

Navarro, a Republican strategist and political commentator for news outlets like ABC and CNN, will take her seat as one of three conservatives on the popular daytime talk show, joining Fox News alums McCain and newcomer Abby Huntsman. While the ladies share similar right-wing views, fans are excited for Navarro to bring something different to the round table.

“So happy to see my favorite conservative @ananavarro on #TheView,” one Twitter user wrote. “I won’t push the point but she should’ve gotten the chair Abby is sitting in.”

Meanwhile, others were ready to see Navarro blast McCain, whose on-air temper tantrums have cemented her as the co-host fans love to hate. Earlier this year, fans implored ABC to kick her off the show. McCain’s month-long hiatus following her father’s death also came as a relief to viewers sick and tired of her antics.

“I respect, love, enjoy, appreciate [Ana Navarro] and I am not a conservative,” one viewer wrote. “Unlike @MeghanMcCain Anna thinks, listens, and respects opposing opinions without rolling her eyes, yelling in soprano or over talking her co-hosts.”

“Bring Ana full time ….. she’s completely the opposite of MM — calm, cool, collected and very, very smart,” said another.

One viewer expressed how much she loved seeing Navarro on “The View,” adding that she hoped “@MeghanMcCain would be missing this morning … She is so negative sometimes and just has to be so opposite, it’s like she does it on purpose.”

Several others agreed.

“I’m so happy about this @ananavarro!” one fan wrote. “Your insight and views are definitely needed to combat Meghan! I almost stopped watching #TheView, but you brought me back! (at least on Fridays).”

Navarro is “Intelligent, fair, can be objective and most of all LISTENS!!! @MeghanMcCain can learn A LOT here, but she won’t cus she thinks we are all beneath her!” another chimed in.

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