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Waka Flocka Flame Posts About New Music But Fans Are Angry It’s Not ‘Flockaveli 2:’ ‘Stop the Bull’

Is Waka Flocka Flame’s “Flockaveli 2” finally on its way?

It doesn’t look like it but the Atlanta rapper is releasing another project later on this month, according to Instagram.

Waka Flocka Flame Angers Fans For Not Releasing “Flockaveli 2.”


“Salute me or shoot me. Six files came in,” he wrote.

Even though it appears Waka is talking about music files that contain completed songs, he still didn’t say anything about “Flockaveli 2” and why it’s not arriving.

The project was supposed to drop on Oct. 5 after Waka announced the release date on Instagram earlier this year. He also shared the artwork so fans were certainly disappointed that it didn’t’ come out.

Plus, they were frustrated at Waka’s recent tweet because he didn’t mention “Flockaveli 2” or the second volume of his “I Can’t Rap” mixtape.

“Stop the bull. When ‘Flockaveli’ 2 drop?” asked one fed up fan.

“Don’t let this distract from the fact the ‘Flockaveli 2’ still didn’t drop on Oct. 5th, and we still didn’t get ‘I can’t rap vol 2,'” wrote someone else.

“Where’s ‘Flockaveli 2?’ a third person chimed in. “That’s what we’re waiting for.”

At this point, it’s been six years since Waka’s last album dropped, “Triple F Life: Friends, Fans & Family, and since then he’s had it out with his record label and accused them of delaying “Flockaveli 2.”

“I f—— my label,” he wrote in 2015. “Atlantic records, let me buy out.”

Of course, there’s still a chance the highly anticipated project will still arrive this year as planned, but there’s no indication of that.

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