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Sorry Not Sorry: Brooke Valentine Refuses to Apologize to Lyrica After Safaree Cheating Rumor

Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood” frenemies Brooke Valentine and Lyrica Anderson had fans choosing sides as they attempted to repair their dwindling friendship.

Valentine and Anderson were apparently close friends for quite a while until the “Grow Up” singer inserted herself in a messy situation. A rumor created by R&B artist K. Michelle, began circulating around that Anderson and her husband’s bestie Safaree Samuels allegedly had an affair with one another. Anderson denied the accusations while Samuels seemingly admitted to crossing the line with the “Adia” singer.

Brooke Valentine

(photo credit: L; Lyrica A. & R; Brooke V./ VH1 screenshot)

Things became even messier when Valentine said Anderson showed her flirty messages of she and Samuels’ conversation in text messages. Valentine also claimed that Samuels sent Anderson a photo of his “anaconda.” Valentine later apologized to Anderson for inciting the rumor with her comments.

Anderson still felt Valentine was wrong for her accusations and wanted Valentine to apologize again. However, the “Girlfight” singer refused to say “sorry” for a second time although she confessed to telling several people that Anderson and Safaree were flirting with one another.

“She want me to get on my knees and kiss her ass, that’s never gonna happen, “said Valentine.

A few “LHHH” viewers felt Valentine should’ve apologized to Anderson while others said there was need to.

“Yes if she sad sorry once and ment it why she got keep saying 🤔.”

“Brooke is messy but I’m not apologizing to you multiple times either. Lyrica is spoiled.”

“If Lyrica admits that Brooke already apologized for what she did 🤔., then the only reason she wants her to do it again is for the cameras.”

“Why she gotta apologize for everyone was saying it df.”

“Well Brooke should apologize for that shit 🤷🏽‍♀️.”

“Brook need to own up to what she said say sorry and let it go.”

“Broke shut ur ,mouth and just apologize.”

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