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Ray J’s Baby Melody Norwood Praised as ‘Brilliant’ for Identifying Colors at 5 Months Old

The “baby genius” Melody Norwood again has seemed to prove to her fans that she’s an extraordinary child, this time by being able to distinguish colors. On Oct. 23, her mother Princess Love shared a video of Melody being able to tell the difference between the colors blue and green. In the caption she wrote, “She’ll be 5 months old tomorrow, already learning colors 💙💚💛🧡❤️💜.”

Some fans professed amazement at the infant’s intelligence.

” you really take time with your baby 💕😩👍🏽👍🏽”

“@princesslove, Melody is very smart.. 💞”

“Omg your baby is so smart that crazy”

“Melody is absolutely brilliant and Princess is such a great mother! You did incredible @rayj — With a mother like Princess, your children will always know they are loved beyond measure!💛👌🏽✨”

“@laura_venturella this has to be the smartest baby!!”

The video did find some naysayers:

“She don’t know what the f*ck she saying y’all go ahead and believe this sh*t if you want 😭😭.”

Baby Mels should be getting used to praise about her precociousness. Back in September, Ray J took his baby girl to a birthday party where she met someone dressed as Minnie Mouse. She seemed to be not at all amused by the costume, and it looked like she knew that the character was not real. Fans flooded the comments talking about the baby being smart enough to know it was a costume. “She is so observant for her age!! Mickey not getting away with nothing!💕,” one fan said.


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