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T.I. Skewered for Making Excuses for Cheating on Tiny Harris: ‘My Flesh Is Weak’

T.I. continues to try to weather the storm with Tiny Harris after he was caught cheating on her over the summer. And when Toya Wright tries to give him advice on how he can improve his marriage on Sunday’s “T.I. & Tiny: Friends & Family Hustle,” he puts the blame on his wife.

When Wright asks Tip about the infamous video of him rubbing the rear end of actress Asia’h Epperson backstage at his Indianapolis concert in June, he talks it down.

“Well,” the rapper stammers in the. “That was unfortunate. I’m not proud. My flesh is weak, true enough and that’s an everyday struggle man, you know what I’m saying.”

Wright explains “we all have to move differently” in order to protect the stars’ families. But T.I. shoots back saying Harris texted him demanding he not contact her. Even though their spat, the performer acknowledged his anniversary with Harris was approaching and invited her on a trip in a less than romantic fashion.

“I’m going to Trinidad at the end of the month so you can come on with me,” T.I. recalls telling his wife as he chats with Wright, who didn’t approve of the way he handled things.

“In my eyes, she’s one of my best friends and we’ve experienced so much … no matter what he do, no matter what I do, we ain’t going nowhere [as] long as we make each other happy,” T.I. states.

Fans who caught the clip were left largely unimpressed and got onto Tip for lacking any humility.

“People who don’t even know how to admit they’re wrong cannot be helped.”

“Bro can’t humble himself at all.”

“Is he even talking about his wife? Sounds like he speaking about a homeboy.”

“He is a whole other man with his wife he treats her so wrong and buys her stuff to deal with their issues she is at fault too but damn he treats her wrong and she is too damn nice.”

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