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Nipsey Hussle Seemingly Shuts Down Laura London Breakup Rumors with New Photo

Are they a couple or aren’t they?

That’s a question on the minds of many as it relates to rapper Nipsey Hussle and actress Lauren London, who look extremely happy together in a new Halloween photo.

Nipsey Hussle Posts Halloween Photo With Lauren London


The pair dressed as the real-life Sam Rothstein and Ginger Mckenna from the 1995 film “Casino.”

Nipsey sported a slick hot pink suit and Lauren an eye-catching white dress. She also held a cigarette just like Sharon Stone did, who played Mckenna in the film.

Undoubtedly, the photo and the costumes were a big hit online. Plus, people seemed really excited that Nip and London looked like an official couple.

“Get married,” one fan wrote.

“You should be together,” wrote another.

“Perfect couple” a third commented.

“Dont break his heart beautiful,” someone pleaded.

Even though Nipsey and Lauren announced their split last year, they haven’t seemed like folks who’ve broken up. That may be due to their two-year-old son.

“@LaurenLondon and I had a dope relationship and made a beautiful child,” tweeted Nipsey back then. “We are deciding to separate and raise our son together as the main priority. This was a mutual choice and we will function with each-other as family, with love and respect.”

But in August of this year, Nipsey seemed to indicate that he and Lauren were in it for the romantic long haul and weren’t planning to separate anytime soon.

“You stuck,” he told Lauren on video. “Bagged and tagged, baby.”

As of now, however, neither Nip or Lauren have not said they’re officially back together.

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