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Todd Tucker’s Pic with Wife Kandi Burrus and Friends Goes Left As Fans Trash Kirk Frost

Todd Tucker shared a photo Tuesday standing with his wife Kandi Burruss and fellow reality couples Toya Wright, Robert Rushing, Rasheeda and Kirk Frost and fans were praising everyone except Kirk Frost.  In the caption, he wrote, “that shit is clean like a Death Row south pic! When a boss has your back! @kandi @rasheedadabosschick @toyawright this pic is mean @frost117.”

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Fans agreed only with a part of the phraise.

“Sorry but having Kirk in that pic makes it tasteless”

“Would be a nice pic without Kirk x Rasheeda🤔”

“Im disgusted every time I see Kirk crusty ass”

“Kirk ugghh don’t even look sincere but marriage rocks, bless yall”

“Kurt is trash. She’s still with him? 😂”

“Kirk messed up the entire pic..ugh”

“Remove Kirks wack ass!”

This isn’t the first time fans have trashed the “Love & Hip Hop-Atlanta” couple. Last month, Rasheeda shared a video of her and her husband heading to her store in Atlanta. The fans hated to see them back together, “I guess you have forgiven him, so now you want us to start forgiving him to, NOPE, still don’t like him. He’s nasty on so many levels.” Kirk has had multiple infidelities and even has a love child with one of his mistresses.

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